Frequently ask questions

How does WaitlessMunch work for me?

WaitlessMunch has been designed specifically for restaurants and takeaways to enable them to have an affordable their own branded mobile ahead apps.  It is proven to be effective at encouraging customers to order direct and save you money.

Is there really no extra charges?

There is absolutely NO commission to pay on any order you receive. We build both iOS and Android branded Apps for your own business with NO cost to you. No hidden charges whatsoever! 

Do you generate business for me?

Yes, WaitlessMunch provides the marketing materials to promote your app to regular customers, and in addition to that we help you to generate new customers through refer-a-friend and email campaigns, and get your dormant customers back to your business.

How will customers know if we have received their order?

When customer put an order via your app they immediately receive an update to let them know that their order has been submitted. When you accept or reject the order via the dashboard, customer will receive another notification.

Can I update my live menu?

Yes, there are two ways to update your live menu,  you can either make the changes yourself via WaitlessMunch dashboard or you can send a copy of the changes to us and we will update it for you.

Any other questions?

Please write us at, or call our support line at 07411 621 887.