WaitlessMunch is a Online Ordering and Loyalty Platform that helps you retaining your loyal customers while taking your business to the next level, and maximising profit. We provide tools and marketing materials to signup your customers to the App, we bring them back, and make them fall in love with your business.

To know how we make this possible, watch the video.

Benefits to Businesses

Your own branded
mobile order-ahead App

Acquire and retain customers
while taking your business
to next level

All order-ahead payments
directly go to your
bank account

Reduce wait times at
queue and keep
customers happy

Know your customers
better through customer
insights dashboard

Increase Customer

Attract dormant

Improve customer
service & experience

24x7 Support team

How it works?

Tell us about
your business

Send us
your menu

We will create
your brand app

Promote your
app through in-
store marketing
material provided
by us

Tell us about your business - we'll create your own app today and send it to you for testing and approval!


Maximum size 10MB


Maximum size 10MB

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Some Facts

  • About 50% of consumers download the application to order food online. Ordering food online
    through mobile devices contributes nearly 20% of the overall orders and it is increasing every
  • More than 50% of the food search is done online and 67% of users who order food online
    using food delivery apps prefer to order and receive their food in minutes.
  • Restaurants implementing online ordering apps claim to get a profit margin of more than 2 to
    3% than eat-in. Thus, they tend to increase productivity and generate more revenue.